Andrew Green


Andrew is a full time chess teacher and chess master. He teaches in over 20 schools & Clubs as well as a number of private students. His students have gone on to become European & Commonwealth Champions.

Dennis Liu


Dennis is a Finnish Internationalist. Growing up Dennis was one of the best Finnish juniors. He represent Finland frequently in World and European Youth Competitions. He has taught in several Primary schools in Edinburgh as well as teaching pupils privately. Dennis is available for online private lessons.

Jade McClelland

Manager and Beginners Coach


Jade is a full time chess teacher. She teaches in over 15 schools & clubs. When she is not teaching she manages the day to day activities – this website for one! Jade is available for private lessons for compete beginners or those that are new to chess.

Murad Abdulla



Murad is a former ECA pupil. He was trained by Andrew and since then has gone on to become the second youngest Scottish chess master and double Scottish Chess Champion.

Declan Shafi


Declan is a former ECA pupil who was also trained by Andrew, Declan is one of Scotland’s strongest ever juniors. He has represented Scotland at numerous World and European Youth competitions.