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Private Tuition

One on one tuition is the most effective way to improve. All our students that have achieved major international success have received regular private lessons. One of the reasons that private tuition is so effective is because it allows the tutor to identify areas of weakness within a child’s chess knowledge. In identifying these weaknesses, the tutor is able to focus on these areas to ensure a more rounded player. Every lesson is fun and interactive with many mini-games that keep the lessons interesting. Each lesson leaves the pupil with clear cut homework for the next session. Private lessons are available face to face or online.

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Face-to-face lessons provide children with that extra attention that means they can develop at a much faster rate than if they were only part of a group class or school club. These lessons can take place at either the home of the pupil or the tutor. Rates for face-face lesson are £35 per hour but may vary depending on travel time.


Online lessons are ideal for those kids who are too far away to have face-face lessons and want that extra bit of tutoring. By having video calls over Zoom, computer screens are shared so that both the tutor and the pupil are able to see and move the chess pieces. Rates for online lessons are £30 per hour.

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