Edinburgh Chess Academy

Edinburgh Chess Academy was created in 2017 by Andrew Green to provide a modern and exciting way of teaching chess to children. Based at Stewart’s Melville College in Edinburgh, the academy uses modern rooms and facilities to make learning chess simple and fun.

Classes are divided up by skill level of the children to ensure that they are surrounded by others who are of the same chess ability as themselves. This means that lessons can be focused in a precise way to ensure maximum learning and challenging the kids while also ensuring that they are having a good time.

Each class is divided into three sections: lecture, learning and play. The lecture focuses on introducing the children to a topic for the day and providing them with theory that they can implement while playing and learning chess. The learning section is focused on using technology to allow children to not only train their chess tactics and understanding but also to allow them to train against each other in mini games. The final section uses physical boards and pieces set out in a large hall where they can challenge each other to games and compete in the ECA league. The lecture and learning section have maximum numbers of 16 children in one room and 12 in the other while the play section places a maximum of 28 children together to practice what they have learned in actual games.

The combination of these methods results in an enjoyable experience for the children while also enhancing their chess skills.

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